What to do When Suffering from Blogger’s Block

beat bloggers block

You’ve heard of writer’s block, the situation where you have a topic and possibly a deadline to get an article written and ready for publication, but what about Blogger’s Block? Many bloggers suffer from blogger’s block find themselves in after the holidays. Our blogging lives tend to slow down during the holidays, either because of family gatherings, a tendency to slack off during this time or just a lull in media invites.

For me, Blogger’s Block is something I was able to avert several years ago with proper planning and you can too. And now you’re wondering, well now that I am in the midst of it, planning doesn’t help me much. So here are some ideas to help you:

1. Are there any food holidays that you can do a roundup for? Check out this extensive list of January food holidays.

2. Go back and check out any blog posts that were drafts and never finished because you were so busy with other posts. Now you have the time to dedicate to finishing them.

3. If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you’ve got an arsenal of materials. Can you take reviews / recipes and make one terrific post. What about “Three Easy Desserts” or “Best Lunch Spot in XYZ Neighborhood”

I’ve found that your readers aren’t nearly as in tune with regurgitated content as we think they are. As long as the content is presented in a different way, they are happy to devour it.

So now that you know how to combat Blogger’s Block while in it, how should you plan for Blogger’s Block as the year progresses? Naturally, you have a frequency of posting that has been established with your blog. Maybe that’s 2 times a week or 4 times a week.

When we get busy or excited about a new restaurant or recipe we may bump up the frequency to share with readers. Rookie mistake. Steady wins the game. I was out of the country for most of November and December was dead when it came to media events, yet because I had planned the editorial content for those two months, I never missed my frequency.

Another way to guarantee that you have content during this time is to invite guest posters. Of course, plan this early, as early as the late summer to ensure you still have quality content for your blog. You want to be sure to invite a guest blogger who is a quality writer as it certainly reflects on you and your blog.


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