She was cancelled! The Importance of owning your content as an Influencer

Andie Thueson is probably not unlike you and other bloggers you know. She’s hard working, oozes positivity and has worked extremely hard to grow her brand and her blog. But Instagram was her social media favorite. It was a natural fit for Andie, a wellness and fitness blogger, to find success on Instagram. Eight years of her life with her husband and four children were documented on Instagram. Andie became quite a popular fitness influencer and even had a photographer take professional photos of her for her account. Growing her Instagram account to around 48,000 followers, she began getting numerous brand sponsorships. It was a big part of her income stream, besides her blog, Maybe I Will.

That all came to crashing halt one Sunday morning. As she was fiddling in her account, like we all do, her account just disappeared and could not be found. First panic set in, then anger and sadness. It sounds like the stages of grief and to an extent, losing something you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into does require a mourning. Andie shared with me, and the followers on her new social media account, that she shed many tears and there may have been some drinking too.

Contacting Instagam proved pointless, as they never responded to Andie about her crisis.

Watch the video of Andie as she discusses what she went through with her Instagram account:

Andie has dubbed herself a cautionary tale for influencers everywhere. While she had diversified her content, not putting it ALL into Instagram, the bulk of it was on the popular social media platform. Now, trying to start over again, it may take quite a while to amass the tens of thousands of followers she once had. And by then, who knows? Perhaps people will have moved on to another platform. TikTok?

The point is, as bloggers and influencers we should never have all our eggs in one basket. With sponsors and monetization involved that is much easier said then done. Instagram is an extremely popular platform for brands to work with influencers. For influencers, content creation can sometimes be much easier than creating an entire blog post. It seems win-win until your Instagram account is cancelled…deleted…or vanishes.

Popular fitness influencer, Andie Thueson is rebuilding her account after Instagram deleted it

Instagram isn’t the only platform that can pull the rug out from under an influencer. Any blogger who depended on Pinterest traffic has had to find a new way to get traffic with Pinterest traffic tanking for most bloggers over the last year. But at least Pinterest was driving traffic to content that these bloggers own.

Though not as popular for bloggers, the adult content site, Only Fans, recently announced that would be banning any adult content in the coming months. Many users of the platform were making a huge chunk of income if not all from the mobile app. This has left them now scrambling to find other ways to interact with their followers.

What can you do if you’ve been on the receiving end of being cancelled by a social media account?

Sadly there isn’t much as these businesses don’t owe us anything. In fact, they regularly change their terms of service, prohibiting us to have any recourse against them. For poor Andie, she had to start over again, reaching out to subscribers to her blog and any other social media platforms she had. Here’s is Andie’s new Instagram account. Please go follow her.

What should you if you only means of content is a social media platform?

Start your blog chronicling your content and immediately, like yesterday, start an email list. Encourage your followers to subscribe every change you get. As Andie said on our call, “You never think this will happen to you, until it does.” Of course, if you are making a solid income from Instagram, or TikTok or another platform, don’t give it up, just diversify.

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