SEO Tips to help you optimize your #WordPress Blog

“SEO is as important as the development of a site.” SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is key to creating traffic on your blog! If you’re not executing this easy fix correctly, you may not be getting full gain from your website or blog. Optimizing your website for search engines, can nearly triple your internet traffic!

1. You must have focus on your content! Optimizing your search results is all about creating strong and unique content. When using a search engine like Google, it is optimizing website content over all. Google states your content should be three things;

  • Unique, no copied content at all
  • Sharable, means loved by the readers
  • Thoughtful, providing solution to people’s queries

Make sure your content is creative, innovative and valuable to your readers. To do so follow these steps:

  • Use heading tags in the correct manner.
  • Use proper Keywords.
  • Use Keywords as Anchors.
  • Use alternative text on images.
  • Interlink pages to maximize web traffic.
  • Use outbound links to reputable sources!

2. Optimize your theme — when using WordPress, theme creates a foundation. Google will optimize your theme use in directing web traffic. Keep your theme clean, with structure and optimized. Stick to WordPress coding guidelines to avoid performance issues. You can also use the Template Toaster to confirm your performance is high quality.

3. Use Permalinks! Permalinks are particular URLs for a page. WordPress autogenerates permalinks, which tend to not be as clean as they should be to attract traffic. Make sure to keep your keywords in your permalinks.

4. Make your website responsive! By making your website responsive to all kinds of mobile devices, you are creating a wide variety of availability and accessibility. Your website must be responsive to mobile access. Test your website with Google  to see if your website is a mobile friendly as it claims.

5. Share your content on social media forms. The more chances google has to pick up your URL, the more traffic.

With these tips and tricks you can optimize your web traffic! Make sure to take advantage of these SEO tips!