Podcast with Jennifer Harris: The Gluten Free Lifestyle

podcast with jennifer harris the gluten free lifestyle
Photo credit: Jennifer Harris

In our latest podcast we are talking to Jennifer Harris who suffers from celiac disease is a marketer turned gluten-free writer and consultant. We’ll talk to her about her journey to discovering she had celiac disease and the lifestyle changes she’s made.

We’ll also discuss her career and how it has evolved from blogger to consultant and how she makes a living from this special niche.

Some of the other topics covered on this podcast are:

  • Being a niche food writer at media events
  • How do those who suffer from celiac disease feel about those who choose to eat gluten free as a fad diet
  • How the restaurant industry responds to those with celiac disease
  • How to find gluten free dining options when you are traveling




Want to contact Jennifer Harris?

Web: www.gfgotoguide.com
Email: jennifer@gfgotoguide.com
Twitter @gfgotoguide

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