Podcast: Journalist Leslie Royal shares her journey to success in writing

We talk with Leslie Royal, journalist for over 20 years, who’s written for Essence, Upscale magazine and Forbes. She travels internationally and is quite the jet setter. She’ll give her advice for what to do and what not to do as an aspiring journalist.

She’ll discuss her book, Leslie’s Lane, which addresses how to travel for a discounts, apply for scholarships, finding jobs and more.

Listen to the podcast here:

  • Did you know if you’ve been writing your blog for several years, you have a book written already? Find out what this means on the podcast.
  • Find out what she prefers between traditional publishing and self publishing? Which is better?
  • How to have the resources of a multimillion dollar company at your fingertips even if you’ve never published a book before.

She’s a veteran travel writer and has been on plenty of press trips. We asked her advice on handling press trips like a pro and she gave us her best tips including:

  • How do you balance your personal life with the travel and being healthy?
  • What is the protocol / expectations for social media when you are on a press trip and why she goes above and beyond.
  • She’s dubbed the “Selfie stick lady” and why this is so important to her.

Even though it’s tough, Leslie shares why becoming a journalist is still a terrific career because of  the best opportunities and flexibility. But she’s a realist, and gives advice for those who don’t have experience.  And knows while starting out as a journalist, you must pay the bills, she still advises you do these 3 things. Best of all, she shares her tips on how to write your first book and publish it for free.

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