No More Twinkies: The End of Era?

Much to the surprise of many foodies, Hostess company has decided to shut down operations. The maker of the famous dessert / snack, the Twinkie will stop production in the near future. If your twitter feed follows many in the food industry, you won’t be surprised that is was filled with mentions about the end of Twinkies in America.

No doubt that copy cats will continue to produce items like the Twinkie and local bakeries can even capitalize on this. But as bloggers, you should be using a story like to help build your identity and help drive traffic to your blog. This story is hot right now, but instead of reporting the story as is, think about how you can put your own spin on it.

Some ideas are:

  • Restaurants that offer similar desserts to the Twinkie
  • Local bakeries that are making or plan to make their own Twinkies
  • Do you have a recipe that is similar, you can share?
  • What are some childhood foods that are not longer available

These are just some story ideas that you can use to capitalize on the attention that Twinkies are getting right now. Of course, there’s only a short window of time to do this, but it can mean more loyal readers and certainly will help to set your blog apart in the blogosphere by helping to give you your own voice.

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