Is Your Blog Mobile Friendly?

2012 seems to have been the year of mobile. Smartphone users are on the rise. Apps are hotter than ever. We feel tethered to our phones.

Have you made your phone mobile friendly? Simply put, making your blog or website mobile friendly, means weeding out unnecessary information and putting only what users need most. So, while your readers accessing your site via mobile phone don’t need to see your badges, they probably will want to see your recent posts. They may be deciding to go to a restaurant based on your review or at the grocery store and looking for a good recipe.

Are you making it easy for your readers to find information they need on the fly? There are really no excuses as the WP Touch makes it as easy as a few clicks. With this WordPress plugin, readers can easily access reviews or recipes on your site. Take a look at the blog site below. Which view looks better on the mobile – left or right (mobile optimized)?


WPtouch  transforms your WordPress website for mobile devices. It works well with popular mobile web browsing devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile phones, BlackBerry OS6+ mobile devices, and more. One of the benefits is that the site will probably load even faster than before.

The admin panel allows you to customize many aspects of its appearance, without knowing a bit of code. It operates completely on its own – your regular version will be completely untouched. And if your visitors want to switch back and forth between the WPtouch view and your site’s regular theme there’s an option for that as well. The best part is this app is one hundred percent free!

Once activated, the WP Touch WordPress theme automatically transforms your website into a sleek mobile version. If you would like to tweak it further, there are options for that as well.


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