Georgia Ambassador – Kimberly Bryant

Meet Kimberly Bryant – Georgia Ambassador

Kimberly Houston-Bryant is an entrepreneur, Celebrity pastry chef, wife, homeschool mom, Momager, and mom of a special needs daughter. She runs a very successful Cookie Shoppe that services an elite clientele in the metro Atlanta area.  In addition she teaches online and in person classes for aspiring bakers, pastry chefs, cake and cookie artists.

Kimberly’s first blog launched 5 years ago.  Narcolepsyandme was a blog she started to help family members understand her then 8 year olds diagnosis. She’s rebranded several times to incorporate all aspects of her life. It certainly took some time to cultivate an online home that was easy to navigate and follow by splitting up her life into two blogs. Kimberly’s lifestyle blog focuses on sharing relatable stories with women from all walks of life.  Her business blog enhances the customer experience as they navigate her online process.

As the ambassador for Georgia she hopes to bring the blogging community together.  New bloggers and seasoned bloggers should be able to coexist and cultivate lasting relationships that strengthen the Atlanta community and she’s looking forward to being apart of that.