Food Writers: How to Avoid Packing on the Pounds

There are few adults who don’t battle weight problems. As difficult as it is for everyday consumers tempted with all the overly processed and high fat foods in the grocery, it is exceptionally hard when your job / hobby requires eating food. I myself, fight a daily battle, trying to ward of calories. So, here are some tips that have helped me manage weight in the face of the tempting goodies at media dinners.

Making Dinner Your Biggest Meal
Of course, you would consume the most during dinner, the biggest, heartiest meal of the day, right? Wrong. At least some of the time. A media dinner is when many of us indulge. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat large portions when dining at home. Why not have a salad or forgo the carbs when dining at home. You would be surprised how just trying this trick just a couple days per week helps to avoid weight gain.

Eating 2 or More Meals Out per Day
Sure, sometimes with crazy schedules, we end up eating out for lunch and dinner. But unless you are ver disciplined (like you’ve got a calorie counter app on your phone) this is a good way to pack on pounds. Instead, why not pack a light lunch if you know you are going to a media dinner. Or if you have a lunch outing, make a green smoothie for dinner.

Watching TV
Here’s the scenario: you’ve just got home from a long day at work but, gasp!, you need to crank out a blog post for this week. It is tempting to turn on Netflix and munch on a box of crackers, etc while you get that blog post complete. But watch out. You may end up consuming more than you would expect. If you need a snack take out a portion and put it on a plate. Once it is done, then you are done until dinner.

“Family Style” Dining
One way to sabotage good eating habits is when food is served family style. Really pay attention to how much you put on your plate as it is easy to overindulge. Remember most restaurants want to feed you as much as possible, so go easy when you are serving yourself.

Overdoing it on the Alcohol
A glass of wine is one thing, a bottle is something else. At media dinners, the wine is often free flowing. Try to limit yourself to one or two glasses. Even if it is a wine dinner, you don’t HAVE to drink each glass in its entirety. Just have a couple sips. Besides adding on hundreds of calories to your meal, alcohol can make you eat more, especially more unhealthy items.

These are the best ways that I’ve found to discourage weight gain in the six years I have been blogging about food. And if you hate to waste food like I do, ask the restaurant to box it up. They don’t mind.

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