Easily add nutrition information to your recipe posts with Nutrition Wizard

Edamam has developed a site to easily calculate nutritional data. You can do this via the web or a downloadable phone app. Anyone can easily use the site which is as simple as copy + pasting a recipes ingredient list, entering the number of servers and voila! Get full nutritional breakdown of your a meal. It counts calories, carbs, and protein your vitamins and minerals too.

It also offers healthy substitutions and instantly assesses whether a recipe is appropriate for those keeping a paleo, vegan, low-sodium, or gluten-free diet.  You can save and print the recipes and their analysis.

Edamam Nutrition Wizard allows users to track and calculate all their recipes. for a low monthly fee.

Sure, there are WordPress plugins out there to add nutritional information to your sites. But each additional WordPress plugin you add to your site slows it down. Plus, if you are using a plugin and they stop updating it, you will be left having to find another solution. And worse than that, having plugins that aren’t updated frequently can leave your site vulnerable to hacking.

Check out my video review of Edamam and how easy it is to use and implement into your food blog:

The best way to avoid situations like this is to either having this coded into your website, which can be quite costly, or use some sort of web based app, that allows you to generate the content you need and either download or take a screen grab of the content and upload it to your site.

Edamam provides nutritional data to companies like Epicurious, NYTimes, CBS. Add the Edamam nutrition guide to your site when you subscribe here.