Dinner Lab: A New Kind of Pop Up Restaurant

Membership has it’s privileges. Dinner Lab is a member based supper club that operates nationally.

Foodies unite at Dinner Lab events

We spoke with Brian Bordainick, Dinner Lab CEO. Their mission and purpose is a bit different than what you might expect. They task the chefs with cooking food that tells an important story. In our experience, it was a combination of Eastern cuisine with Western trends.

Our goal is to bring together an ambitious chef, complete strangers, and an unforgettable meal. We aren’t looking for for molecular gastronomy. But our chefs are culinary MacGyvers.

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How does Dinner Lab work?
Members are invited to unique opportunities all over the country. The Dinner Lab menus are unique to the event and hand crafted by an up-and-coming chef. Though the price per meal varies, each event features multiple courses, including specialty cocktails plus your choice of a selection of wine and beer.

Beef Cheeks from Chef Bhavesh Patel

Unique to Dinner Lab

  • Meal preparation is in plain view for guests, who are free to interact with the chef if they desire.
  • Dinner Lab allows busy foodies to connect. With hectic schedules, it is often hard to make friends, especially if you are new to a city. The communal seating provides a great atmosphere for meeting others.
  • Score cards. Every diner gets one, to rate the quality of the meal and experience. Dinenr Lab scrutinizes these to tweak the next event to be better than the one before.

Ready to sign up for Dinner Lab?

Listen to the Podcast with Dinner Lab CEO, Brian Bordainick