Culinary Apprenticeship Program: Intensive Course Paves Way to Success

Affordable Culinary Program offers students hands on experience in just over half a year.

Have you ever thought of attending culinary school? What stopped you? The cost or the time commitment? Then this podcast is for you. We’ll discuss a 8 month culinary program located in the Southeastern United States that is under $10,000. Unlike many culinary programs, this one gives students real apprenticeship skills by opportunities to train in restaurant kitchens.

Chef’s Table tasting event dishes prepared by students:

                                                                          Shrimp and crab ceviche salad / Jamaican roti

The program gives you all the capabilities to get out in to the culinary world armed with the skills to succeed, whether that involves catering, restaurant ownership, food truck operation or anything else culinary related. We talked to the culinary school program director, Pam Moss and successful student turned food truck operator, Edgard Sanchez.

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