Podcast: Building the Relationship Between Bloggers and Publicists

Podcast 4Building the Relationship between Bloggers and Publicists

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On this podcast, I’m joined by veteran publicist Toren Anderson and blogger and social media marketer, Jason Dominy.

Toren Anderson is an Atlanta publicist with decades of experience representing a diverse group of clients in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Toren represents clients focused in the Southeast but has clients throughout the United States. She is a proponent of the small, indie restaurants that truly have a passion and talent for what they produce.

Jason Dominy is a social media professional with more than 6 years of experience in creating social media strategy, content, engagement tactics and influencer marketing plans. In his current position at Dalton Agency, he leads all social media efforts for all clients out of the Atlanta office. He also writes a very popular Atlanta food blog eatlanta.net. He has also been a huge proponent of local farmers markets and the farms who supply local farmers markets. He is also a writer for Eater Atlanta, where he focuses on supporting Atlanta chefs and restaurants.

On this podcast we’ll discuss:

  • Behavior bloggers should avoid which can get you blacklisted by publicists
  • What expectations do bloggers have of publicists
  • What is the proper etiquette at media dinners
  • How to better communicate


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