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Help you learn how to write for Google, research keywords, create valuable content, and offer SEO resources to explore.

Don’t want to do that? No problem? We can help you with that too. Just outsource the content writing and syndication to us. Here is what we offer:

  • Translate your PR in to a Blog Post

  • Create a video to share on YouTube and Vimeo

  • Create a Podcast to share on podcast networks like

  • Create a Slideshare for LinkedIn

  • Google news

We handle all the distribution as well. The result is terrific SEO juice back to your client’s site helping them rank higher.
For even more customization we will work with you to learn the right mix of content and keywords that will get your client on Google’s first page.

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We will manage your brand’s campaign from identifying and instructing influencers to reporting results of your brand’s reach through digital storytelling.


We will work collaboratively with you to come up with ideas and the best marketing strategies to meet your goals and ultimately maximize your return on investment


We offer content creation including Copywriting, Blog writing, Ghostwriting, and Social media management.

About Association of Bloggers

The Association of Bloggers was created in an effort to clearly define standards for bloggers and influencers as well as provide training and tools for success. The mission of the Association of Bloggers is to qualify reputable Influencers and serve as a community where those involved in the Industry can gather and exchange valuable information.

The Internet has revolutionized the way information is exchanged and is continually evolving. Part of that change has involved the unique ability for anyone and everyone to have a presence and opinion on the web. Along with Social Media, Blogging has become an exceptional tool for individuals to express opinions and views on all topics. While the majority of bloggers write with journalistic integrity, some, use their blogs to wield power over businesses.


Meet the Team

Malika Bowling, Founder

Malika Bowling, Founder

The Association of Food Bloggers was founded in 2009 by Malika Bowling. Malika is a Published Author, Writer and Marketing consultant from Atlanta, GA. She’s been published in USA Today, Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, Chowhound, and many more publications.

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