Blogger Cook off and Contest

Our member, Rinku Bhattacharya, of Cooking in Westchester has just published her first book! Big congrats to her! The book, The Bengali Five Spice Chronicles takes you on a culinary journey of Eastern India, complete with a through introduction to Bengali culture and cooking; sections on spices, ingredients, and equipment; and lively family anecdotes, history, and cultural information round out this unique cookbook.

With over 180 easy-to-follow recipes, Rinku Bhattacharya brings you the best of the Bengali table, including tempting dishes like Steamed Mustard Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaves, Eggs Cooked in Caramelized Onion Sauce, Crisp Lentil Cakes in Curried Gravy, and Golden Cauliflower in Orange Mustard Sauce.

During November 15th to 25th, she will be hosting a Blogger cook off, where participating bloggers are asked to cook at least one recipe from the book and write about their experiences. To participate, bloggers must sign up by 10/30. If you’d like to participate please contact Rinku here.

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