About us

The Internet has revolutionized the way information is exchanged and is continually evolving. Part of that change has involved the unique ability for anyone and everyone to have a presence and opinion on the web. Along with Social Media, Blogging has become an exceptional tool for individuals to express opinions and views on all topics. While the majority of bloggers write with journalistic integrity, some, use their blogs to wield power over businesses. The end result is less credibility in general for all bloggers.

The Association of  Bloggers was created in an effort to clearly define standards for food bloggers as well as provide training and tools for food bloggers. The mission of the AoB is to qualify reputable Food Bloggers and serve as a community where those involved in the Food Industry can gather and exchange valuable information.

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The Association of Food Bloggers was founded in 2009 by Malika Bowling. Malika is a Published Author, Writer and Marketing consultant from Atlanta, GA. She’s been published in Chowhound, Huffington Post, Playboy, Travelgirl Magazine and many more publications. After her first year of blogging, Malika saw an onslaught of blogs into the blogosphere, many with little credibility and ethical standards.

Public Relations companies and brands are frazzled as to which bloggers are reliable, honest and have the readership to impact results. Frustrated with the lack of ethics apparent in much of the blogosphere, the Association of Food Bloggers was born. With a need for expansion to be more inclusive, the AoFB has become the Association of Bloggers. Members are vetted to meet and uphold a strict criteria and code of ethics.