A Canva Alternative you shouldn’t ignore

Graphic design tools change over time. Marketing professionals tout new products every week as “beautiful graphic design tools” for newbies or “game-changing tools” for automating social media. Canva is one tool you might be familiar with. There are a few features that make relayThat stand out from Canva.

Relay that is very user friendly

A Design Package that’s easy to use

The features that make RelayThat stand out among graphic design software make it one of the easiest to use. It is easy to create professional looking designs with one click using the pre-designed templates. There are many ways to customize a template, but the core layout is pretty much set. You can change the font size, the image size, and many other things. Even though it sounds restrictive, the limitations can actually speed up your graphics production

By clicking a few buttons, RelayThat creates, hundreds of variations of your original design. Are you looking for images for Pinterest? Create Pinterest images that will get you clicks by choosing the Tall image size.

FEATURES of this graphic design program for non-designers

This RelayThat review won’t cover every aspect of the app. The list is quite extensive. I will give you an overview of the features so you can explore them further. I can assure you that it’s powerful. Before I realized my mistake, I ignored the app for a few months. There’s a lot hidden behind seemingly simple tools.

easy graphic design for marketers tool associationofbloggers
Relay is super easy to use and designed for non-designers

Images for everything in this graphic design tool

More than 3 million images. There are a lot of new and diverse photos, icons, and designs here (many design apps use the same image database), which you can use to make your website stand out. Images and icons can be searched and loaded quickly.


Your own fonts can be uploaded. Many graphic design packages do not allow you to do this.

Font Pairing

The perfect combination is like a fine wine and a good cheese. For the non-designers in the room (like me), this is an excellent feature. With RelayThat’s team, you don’t have to do any hard work. The fonts used in a project can be changed, but I find that, in general, they are adequate.

Ad Image Templates

The templates are pre-configured for all social media ad networks and the typical dimensions of a blog ad.


relay that graphic design software program review

Ad networks often need to specify the image size for their ads, so you should conform to those guidelines if you want to run your own ads. There is a decent selection of Facebook Ads and Google Ads (for the Google display network) image sizes to choose from on RelayThat.

Magic Import in the Relay That graphic design tool

RelayThat’s Magic Import tool is one of its best features. RelayThat’s new feature is a game changer. With the tool, you can import colors, photos, and logos from any URL to use in your projects. You can save hours of time downloading, uploading, searching, naming, and selecting assets for your projects by buying the software.

By default, RelayThat gathers all of the graphic design images it can from the page. Prior to clicking the final Import button, you can select images. Feel the image chosen is not right for you? The app finds a list of images on the page that you can browse through.

Are you interested in changing the colors? It’s easy, just select better colors from the color1 and color2 pulldown menus.

Do you want to use another logo? Pick one of the logo icons from the list.

After you have imported the needed assets, you can create a social media post, a blog post heading, a YouTube thumb, an Instagram story, a book cover, a LinkedIn profile, or a Facebook cover by simply selecting the size and the template you prefer. RelayThat has taken all the guesswork and drudgery out of graphic design.

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Quickly change the color scheme in this graphic design tool

If you don’t have a design eye (and even if you do), color matching can be challenging. Although color wheels can be helpful, most graphics applications require you to add colors manually. With RelayThat, you can swap out presets that work well together in one click.

Save and collect your images

In the top bar, click Collect to save designs you like. This will save every image, logo, and color associated with a project. By using this, I can create unique variations of an image without having to undo, hide or remove layers like I would in software such as Photoshop.

The Heart icon is located below the project window if there is a design you love.

Image SEO in this Canva Alternative

Marketers and anyone interested in getting traffic to their blog posts and Pinterest pins (and then blog posts) will find this feature to be very useful. SEO works for any channel where traffic can be generated by SEO.

The filenames of images are crucial for SEO. Time is needed to type out descriptive, keyword-rich titles. All of us are busy. The reusability of filename keywords is made easier with RelayThat. An overview of this feature can be found in the video below.

Once you click Download to save your finished image, the filename will include the keywords. In addition, the filename will automatically be used as a keyword if an ALT tag or a description is not available on saved pins.

Alternatives to RelayThat

CANVA: Marketers use it constantly. Feature-rich software that is easy to use. Canva has added quick resize features as of 2021, making it one of the best design tools as an alternative to RelayThat.

SNAPPA: This is one of the easiest social media tools to use.

PicMonkey: With the basic plan, you’ll pay around $15 a month for a powerful set of graphics tools.

ADOBE PS: It is the best product on the market. However, it comes with a steep learning curve. Photoshop may be overkill if all you need is social media graphics and web image manipulation. Previously, the software came with an expensive one-time price tag. Adobe has moved to a subscription model, and it’s priced similarly to the other products on this list.

RelayThat is $25 a month. Ready to sign up for RelayThat? You can sign up here.

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