8 nutritious treats and trends you’ll see in 2017

Food trends come and go, but leading a healthy lifestyle never goes out of style. Here are eight nutritious treats and trends you should expect to see in 2017.

  1. Watermelon Water
    Watermelon Water is the future of clean, natural hydration – expected to make a splash the same way coconut water did in 2012. Why drink out of the tap when you can sip straight from a watermelon? Oh, and the Queen Bae, Beyonce, is fully invested in its success.
  2. Plant Butchery
    Vegan and vegetarian butchers have already made their way into the mainstream, but 2017 will see them take several steps further. Using plant proteins, these non-meat creations can resemble burgers, sausages, and other recognizable items. Taking North America by storm, the brother and sister duo at The Herbivorous Butcher in Minneapolis are sending their products nationwide.
  3.  Soup Cleanse soup cleanse trend 2017
    Think of a soup cleanse the same way you would one with fruit juice. Except instead of apple, pear, and mango, you’ll be sipping on split pea, tomato basil, and minestrone. Besides sounding like something your grandma might make you, soup cleanses are said to improve your mood, increase immune system support, and lead to healthier skin and hair.
  4. Evolution of Office Lunching
    In 2017, free food is no longer a workplace perk – it’s a fundamental way to run your business. Corporate catering companies, such as Foodee, make it easy for offices to order top local restaurants right into the office. It’s their mission to help improve health, productivity, and corporate culture, all through eating well. Don’t expect fast food either. Foodee is delivering some of the best restaurants ATL has to offer.
  5. Ashwagandha
    Sometimes referred to as “Indian ginseng,” ashwagandha can be prescribed to alleviate stress, fatigue, and any difficulties with concentration. Expect to see it in teas and as an add-on at your local juice bar.
  6. Kava in 2017 ddrink kava
    An alternative to certain spirits, Kava will be on craft cocktail menus as a tasty non-alcoholic option. The root, which has been used for centuries in the Pacific Islands, has been used as a potent anxiety reliever and has a similar calming effect as alcohol.
  7. Golden Lattes
    Taking North American coffee shops by storm, Golden Lattes are made with almond milk and turmeric. Seriously some tasty stuff.
  8. Cauliflower 
    When it comes to naming new superfoods, cauliflower is at the top of the list. Expect to see creative twists on this culinary classic on menus all over.

Bio: Sam is a Social Media Strategist for Foodee. While he swears himself a starving artist, he’s typically found stuffing his face.