5 Tasks That Bloggers Should Make a Habit

It is rather easy to become complacent with blog writing. After all, many of us do it has a hobby, not as an income source. However, if you are going to blog, shouldn’t you try your hardest to make it search engine friendly and strive to get it as much exposure? And if you are doing all those things shouldn’t you make sure you protect it from hackers? Here are some minimal tasks that should be incorporated to everyday blogging.

Back up your Blog
Make sure you back up your blog on a regular basis. A weekly exercise of backing up your blog is highly recommended. If you lose your data or your site is hacked you will be more easily prepared to restore it. It is simple – just go to: Tools> Export to download a text file of all your data. Of course this won’t keep a copy of your plugins. However, you can purchase plugins that will keep safe a copy of your entire site.

Update WordPress to the Latest Version
Updating WordPress to the latest version can fix bugs or potential bugs that may be caused by plugins interacting with each other. It can also fix other issues as well as the fact that it has a higher level of security against hackers in new versions. Many hosts offer upgrading with the click of a couple buttons.

Name your Pictures with Optimization in Mind
You’ve probably heard or read this before but perhaps have forgotten it: Naming your pictures with a similar name to the content of your post helps your rank. The reason is simple – search engines don’t see pictures differently than they see text. It is all HTML code. So, if you upload a picture named “IMG4853” that really isn’t helping search engines find what your post is about. However, if you name your image “Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins” or “XYZ Restaurant, City, State Restaurant Review” you are most definitely helping the search engines include your relevant content in searches.

Link Within
Search engines put more weight into sites / posts that have more links to them. Just as you are helping search engines find your posts by optimizing the names of your images, linking within your blog helps with search engine optimization as well. Search engines give credit for internal links on your site, so you should always link to relevant posts within your blog site. For example, if you a have a review of one restaurant or recipe and you are mentioning another similar one, make sure to put a link to that previous post as search engines see that as just another link and give you “link juice.”

Update your Blogroll

If you check your stats regularly, you’ll probably notice people do pay attention and click on your blog roll. No doubt other bloggers have stopped blogging since you began your blog, some aren’t relevant anymore and new bloggers have come on the scene. Make sure your blog roll reflects this. Your fellow bloggers will appreciate it and so will your readers.

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